Wishing You Healthy Holiday Season!

With the holiday season, we are constantly challenged to eat healthy and maintain our healthy gum and tooth structures.  Often during this time of year we ignore health benefits as well as shortcomings of the comfort foods we all know and love.  Although we are guilty of this from time to time, we should make our total health a priority.  We at Total Health Dental Care would like to wish all of you a “Healthy Holiday” season! Now let’s dig in.

 Here are some “Super Foods” that promote dental health and overall well-being!


Cranberries contain Polyphenols, which keep plaque from sticking to teeth.  The elimination of plaque lowers the risk of developing cavities. They are also chock full of antioxidants and anti-Inflammatory agents which can help decrease the risk of oral cancer -- so next time at the table don’t pass on that  cranberry sauce!


The old saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” may have some truth behind it after all.  Not only are apples full of nutrients but the chewing of the crunchy fruit has been known to disturb dental plaque which makes it easier to get at while flossing.  The chewing of the apple acts as a cleansing mechanism that flushes away unwanted bacteria.  Next time you want something to snack on, pass on the party mix and pick up a fresh apple!


Many have a sweet tooth during the holiday and raisins are a fantastic alternative to the chocolates and candied fruits! Naturally sweet, raisins do not contain sucrose – which allows bacteria to stick to teeth and encourages the growth of plaque!  It doesn’t stop there -- raisins are also known to contain Phytochemicals  which have been known to kill cavity-causing plaque and bacteria.  So next time you are baking up that batch of cookies be sure not to skimp on those raisins!

Leafy Greens:

Leafy greens such as spinach and kale have been herald by many as super foods. They are primed with dozens  of essential minerals and nutrients like calcium and folic acid.  Calcium has been known to promote strong, healthy teeth.  Folic acid, otherwise known as B9, is a vital nutrient that encourages cell growth, cell repair and disease prevention.  With all these benefits it’s no surprise why we should all have dark leafy greens featured on our holiday tables!

Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet Potatoes have been a holiday staple for many across the world. Their sweet flavor and soft texture bring a smile to everyone around the holidays.  The truth is, sweet potatoes are jam packed full of Vitamin A. Foods rich in Vitamin A, help maintain the mucous membranes and soft tissue of our precious gums. The vitamin is also known to maintain protein keratin which strengthens tooth enamel. So let’s all be thankful for sweet potatoes!

For more information on the prevention of dental diseases and how to maintain healthy gums and teeth, call your nearest  Total Health Dental Care Office or schedule an appointment with us today!  We wish you nothing but a sweet holiday season.

Sean Shippley Marketing Coordinator - Piedmont Office

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