Cash For Candy 2017

Total Health Dental Care Presents: Cash for Candy Drive 2017!

Let's face it, Halloween candy is filled with artificial sweeteners, refined sugars, chemically enhanced flavors and more.  Though Halloween candy is a fun treat, it's best enjoyed sporadically -- not every day.  Not only are such candies bad for your waistline, they wreak havoc on your gums and teeth. 

At Total Health Dental Care, we want you to enjoy the holiday season while respecting your oral health -- that's why we are bringing back the Cash for Candy Drive!  

Kids can line their pockets and keep teeth healthy by turning in their left-over, uneaten candy from trick-or-treating and earn $3 per pound!! Stop in with your child at your nearest Total Health Dental Care Office and receive your cash for candy!  Drive starts November 2nd and ends November 9th.  Kids must be present to receive the cash. 

But wait, there's more!! 

In addition to cash for candy, Total Health Dental Care will also match every 3 dollars we give and donate 3 to the Children's Hospital of Oakland.  That's right -- for every pound of candy we receive in-office, we will donate $3.  Last year, we donated more than $3,000. 

“The Cash for Candy drive is all about promoting healthy eating habits and turning the sugary, processed candies that are passed out on Halloween, into cash for kids,” said Dr. Sepand Hokmabadi, founder, and CEO of Total Health Dental Care. “Matching the cash given out in a charitable donation to the Children’s Hospital is our way of giving back to the community and the children of Oakland. The hospital uses the donation to buy Christmas presents for the patients,” said Hokmabadi.  


Total Health Dental Care has four locations in the Oakland/ East Bay area.  The practices focus on Whole Person Dentistry – that is to say the full health of a patients’ body rather than just the teeth.  All practices are accepting new patients at their locations.  For more information, please go to or call your local Total Health Dental Care office.

Millie Marketing Manager at Total Health Dental Care

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